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Action Agenda of JAN TRUST

Action Agenda of JAN TRUST


§  Capacity Building Workshops

§  Experiential Field Trips

§  Leadership Enhancement

§  Community Development

§  Setting up Institutions

§  Conducting Events

§  Conducting Research


Core Action Agenda at a glance


*      Capacity Building: -It is essential to build capacity of each individual at their position to address the issues and to take advantage of opportunities, to find common ground and to balance competing interests. JAN TRUST conducts exploratory classes, sessions and camps for students, youth, adults and families to sharpen their skills and abilities.


*      Experiential Field Trips: -Travelling is always a learning experience for mankind. We achieved the development through continuous travelling throughout the history. Field trips are the best method to know something very closely, since seeing is believing.


*      Leadership Enhancement: - JAN TRUST organizes and wish to do various action oriented programs to make someone realize and develop their leadership skills. Many educational sessions have been carrying out in this direction for social leaders, Youth, mothers etc... JAN TRUST has been instrumental for initiating many social projects in the region.


*      Community Development: - JAN TRUST stands for community development. We try to achieve this through value orientation to the society and actions like educational aid, guidance, health awareness, interest free micro-credit system and a range of relief & social welfare actions.


*      Setting up Institutions: - Our wish list contains a counseling centre, training centre, library, health clinics etc.. JAN TRUST plans for making tie ups with already existing infrastructure or facilities to set up such centres throughout our state by way of networking with other NGO’s having similar objectives and policies..


*   Conducting Events:- JAN TRUST conducts different events, exhibitions, programs like seminars, festivals etc.. to provide the community more awareness, learning opportunities on various areas of interest.



*      Conducting Researches:JAN TRUST is committed to conduct action researches for studying various social, familial and cultural issues of the target group as and when required. A well documented research papers and findings will be published for the benefit of the public and will be made available for the academic community for reference and continuing researches on the topic. 

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